Welcome! I’m Devon! :D

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A Little About Me

Life, from time to time can become a struggle for all of us and often we feel the desire to reach out for some understanding or companionship. However, we still live in an age where we feel that reaching out for support or seeking any kind of help is regarded as weak. My name is Devon Golden and I believe the complete opposite; to seek out help and support in your darkest of hours in order to better understand yourself and overcome your difficulties is a sign of true bravery and courage.

I’m a transpersonally informed therapist and I believe each and every person is a unique individual in their own right and that each person deserves their own unique approach to counselling. Because I am person-centred, I believe that the individual is the only person that knows what is best for them and this is why my sessions are client led.

I consider the very bedrock of the therapeutic process to be the ability to establish and maintain a positive, mutually respective and mutually understanding relationship. Within this process there is no power imbalance or class divide, we are just two individuals exploring your concerns together.

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