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Conscious Coding Session

“I received a healing session from Devon – it was fantastic. Very quickly he was able to help me understand the underlying issues I was having. He helped me remove these blocks and taught me how to continue to work on myself. Immediately I felt lighter and more positive. I now feel empowered to continue to use the techniques he taught me.I would highly recommend Devon- he is truly gifted and exceptionally kind hearted.”

~ Claire Doherty

Conscious Coding Session

~ Aimee McPhie

“We got to the core of what has been blocking me from full force developing my spiritual coaching program and healed the earliest memory of trauma that I have carried my entire life!”

“My healing experience with Devon was amazing! It was the first time I was willing to face it, and he knocked it out of the park in helping me heal it and reframe my negative belief. Now I sit here feeling my brain do all kinds of work on itself and it’s amazing! I am so excited to see what comes after this on my journey! thank you so much for such a wonderful session!”

~Grace Hong

Point Zero Proximity Session

“Most impressive healing I’ve ever had on all levels; Body, Mind, Soul. “

“Devon detects and annihilates negative beliefs. He worked on blocks that I never knew existed but made total sense at the same time and giving amazing results. A lot of my negative habits are gone in just one single session, and it feels so natural like I have always been this way. The most impressive thing is the change on my body, it has been only 1 week after the healing and diseases I had (sciatica, rhabdomyolysis, bursitis, etc.) which I have been painfully struggling with and overcoming are almost gone. Thanks Devon ! You saved my life!”


Other Clients

"I received a reading from Devon and it was spot on. He is extremely intuitive and also a very sweet person! His reading help provide peace of mind and he also was willing to clarify my questions :-)."

Nicole Marie

"Received a very accurate and detailed reading from Devon. Truly gave me a direction for myself moving forward!"

Martha Murdaca

"Devon did a reading for my cat and I loved the way he delivered it! Made me aware of some aspects of her I was unaware of and got me some insight into why she does certain things.. I really loved it and highly recommend him ."

Billie-jo Langridge

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