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Complete Packages for Healing

Conscious Coding

1. Book a Conscious Coding ® Session

How Does It All Work?

Conscious Coding ® was developed by me. I began noticing that people hold subconcious energetic bodies, empowered by beliefs, that cause havoc in our present lives. I found that if we heal memories of trauma through a process of belief clearing we can merge the conscious and subconscious mind. With this merge comes tremendous healing and peace in the present. 

Book A Session For Your Furry Friend

I also do conscious coding ® for animals. During a session, we will work through you (the parent) to access memories of trauma in your furry friends lives. Through healing these memories of trauma we can overcome behaviour problems, health problems, or any other problems that may be present. 

Standard Session

2. Book a Point Zero Proximity Session

What Happens In A Session

Each session involves entering a relaxed state as I help you ground. I then run through your energy field and detail the “reading” section. During the reading portion of the session, I portray what has happened that caused difficult situations and how they have impacted you over many lifetimes. I then begin the healing section to help you clear these aspects. 

What You Get
  • An initial discovery call consultation.
  • A 1 hour Point Zero Proximity Healing Session.
  • A recording of the session.


3. Book a Homeopathy Consultation

Initial Consult
After booking a session, you will attend your first consult where I will explain the basics of homeopathy and create a client file where we will sketch out the exact picture of your life in order to prescribe the perfect remedy.

Follow Up Consults are 25% cheaper. Make sure to choose that at checkout!

What You Get
  • A 1-hour Homeopathy Consult
  • The Homeopathic Remedy
  • Instructions on how to take the remedy
  • VIP 1:1 Messagings Support

Animal Communication

3. Book an Animal Communication Session

What You Can Expect
Initially I will “tune in” to your animal friend to receive as much general information as possible; this will usually include how they are feeling physically and emotionally at that time. I will then read any questions you may have and if they have not been answered in the initial communication I will go back to see if they are able to be answered at that time.
Once as much information as possible has been received, I will email you the communications. If you prefer, you can make a Skype appointment to discuss anything that has come up.
Please also be advised that information from the animals come in various ways. It can be images, songs or words that may have a symbolic meaning rather than an actual physical interpretation. There may also be things that cannot be validated immediately. If so, I ask that you take note and remain aware as it may be something that comes up in the future or something that you may have forgotten. You are welcome to let me know if it makes sense at a later date.
How It Works

This is a step-by-step procedure of how I do my animal communication sessions. 

  1. You will send a picture of your furry friend along with any questions that you may have.
  2. I will then schedule a time to do the session which you will receive prior.
  3. After the session I will send a detailed report of everything I received. 

Business alignments

5. Complete Business Alignment Package

Deciding If This Is Right For You

I’ve realised that as I evolve and grow that I can help others spiritually enrich and grow their businness’. I have, therefore, developed a complete package where I help you lift your business up off the ground so you can finanlly do the work you are meant to do.

This package, although business focused, works a lot with the spiritual aspects preventing you from fully functioning as a business. We will clear any blocks, difficulties, struggles on both a logical and spiritual level. 

What You will Get
  • A fully functioninng website designed from scratch.
  • Social Media support
  • Tech Support
  • 3 Monnths of 1-on-1 support.
  • Monthly check-ins.
  • An initial 3 hour Point Zero Proximity Between Lives session. 
  • 1 Point Zero Proximity/Conscious Coding session per month. 

Making the most out of your session


  • Prepare – come with you intention set. Are you looking for guidance, clarification, connection to a passed over loved one, etc. Also, come prepared with any questions you may have.
  • Be open – keep an open mind and allow the energies to guide you.
  • Take Notes – it’s a good idea to take notes as some information might not make sense until later.
  • Avoid Distractions – the energy and focus can be thrown off with distractions, please come with your phone turned off and all distractions at a minimum.


  • Prepare – this is important for a healing. Prepare your mindset so that it is open to receiving and set your intention.
  • Avoid Distractions – it is critical that you are relaxed and not distracted throughout the healing. Focus is key!
  • Allow – be open, allow the energy to flow, allow changes to happen and all yourself to release that which does not serve you.
  • Drink Lots of Water – water keeps us grounded which helps retain the work we have done. Drink water before and after a session.


Remain aware of the body after the healing has completed.

Healing affects may be felt immediately or later on with an approximate time period of 2 weeks for the healing to fully complete.

Multiple sessions may be needed to deal with deeper issues just as a doctor, chiropractor requires multiple sessions. However, a single healing proves wonderful results as well.

Please be aware that, although not common, a healing crisis could happen where the symptoms temporarily get worse as the body begins to force out toxins.

Allow plenty of rest and self-nurturing and pay attention to your body.

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