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Conscious Coding

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5 reviews for Conscious Coding

  1. Claire Doherty

    Devon is very intuitive and has a lovely gentle approach.
    He has a Wonderful way of guiding you to where you need to be- even though you might not yet know where that is!
    I found the conscious coding to be a simple and fast way to help me challenge and reframe blocks. I enjoyed the session and have noticed definite positive changes in my mood and thoughts around the subject we worked on!
    I no longer feel weighed down but freer and lighter.
    I highly recommend working with Devon

    • Devon Golden

      Thank you so much, Claire!
      It was such a pleasure to help you work through some of those beliefs and blocks around money!

  2. Rowena Hayes

    I had a amazing conscious coding session with Devon. He is very professional and he works on my pace. He helped me worked on the issues i have been working on myself for years and find it hard to let go and gets frustrated since it is a daily occurrence in my life. I’m on day 2 since the session and I’m impress with the results. Thank you so much Devon for all your help.

    • Devon Golden

      Glad that I could help you Rowena <3

  3. Grace Hong (verified owner)

    Devon is super great and I had an awesome session with him. I will definitely be back for another session and I will encourage anyone else to book with him. Make sure to book soon!

    • Devon Golden

      Thanks Grace!

  4. Deborah (verified owner)

    My daughter has gone from living in a very dark place to living the dream and being independent in her own apartment with her boyfriend. I never thought this could really happen. You really are incredible and I never believed there were people like you until I witnessed the change. Thank you Devon for assisting my children in becoming the people they wanted to be… we are all so happy and eternally grateful to you for this.

    • Devon Golden

      Thanks Deborah! It’s been a pleasure assisting your daughters! <3

  5. Kerri Powell (verified owner)

    This session was really insightful. Devon is very reassuring, professional and has a gentle, calming approach. I was surprised at what came up, but at the same time it made perfect sense and has really helped me to see things differently. I have always been quite an anxious person, needing to feel incontrol. This has changed since my session and I am much happier to go with the flow and trust that things are happening for my highest good.

    • Devon Golden

      Thank you Kerri! It was such a good time working with you! You worked through some great stuff and I am looking forward to see how living more at peace effects you in the long run!!

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