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Animal Communication

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3 reviews for Animal Communication

  1. Tara

    I recently did an animal communication with Devon and my 2 year old golden retriever. Wow! Devon not only tapped into the specifics of my dog’s personality, but was able to communicate it in a way that allowed me to understand him better. He was very accurate in mentioning specific details and the guidance he gave was constructive and clear. I feel as if this session has allowed me to massively improve my relationship with my dog. I would recommend Devon to anyone looking to connect with and understand their pet better!

    • Devon Golden

      Thanks, Tara! I loved working with your dog and you! It was such a pleasure <3

  2. Gina

    Devon has started working with my dog Jax in 2018, after Jax had been diagnosed with Epilepsy and having seizures 2-4 times a year. Not only have the Seizures gotten very light and short, but he has not had one since December 18th, 2019!! Devon is amazing, and remember, sometimes it takes more than just one session to help your animal! I saw changes almost right away, Jax’s first 2 Seizures were very intense, they then started to become more and more light and lasted only a few minutes. I am so grateful for everything Devon has done for Jax, he is truly amazing! Thank you, Devon!!!

    • Devon Golden

      I always enjoy working with you, Gina! Thanks so much! <3

  3. Allie M (verified owner)

    Devon did an amazing job connecting to my horse and clearly giving me messages. It was very straightforward and accurate. He could describe her personality to me, mannerisms and her health issues. I recommend working with him!

    • Devon Golden

      Thank you so much, Allie! I really loved working with you! <3

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