Love Is The Universal Language Everyone Can Speak! 

Love Can Be Shown In Quite A Few Ways. In Fact, According To Psychology, Love Is Predominantly Shown In Five Different Ways. These Are Commonly Known As Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages. Every Person, In Any Type Of Relationship, Will Exhibit One Or More Of These Love Languages To Show How They Care For A Person. 

1. Words Of Affirmation

This Kind Of Love Langauge Focuses On Verbal Connection. Someone May Either Want To Hear Exactly How You Feel About Them Or They Might Be The One Who Wants To Tell You Exactly How They Feel. This Love Langauge Is Perfect For Those Who Want To Verbally Express Their Love Or For Those Who Want To Receive Verbal Expressions Of Love. 

2. Acts Of Service 

People Who Prefer To Use Acts Of Service As Their Love Language Either Want To Be The Ones Extending A Helping Hand, Or The Ones Receiving It. Acts Of Service Allows Someone To Give Or Receive Help, Gestures, Or Little Daily Acts To Show Or Receive Love. Even If Your Partner Prefers Another Love Language, Acts Of Service Can Be Beneficial For Every Healthy Relationship.

3. Quality Time

Having Someone’s Undivided And Dedicated Attention Is A Precious Currency That Is Greatly Appreciated By Those Who Prefer Quality Time As Their Love Language That They Want To Give And Receive. Time Is A Currency That We Cannot Ever Get More Of. Make Sure To Be As Present And Attentive As Possible To People Who Share This Love Language.

4. Physical Touch

Human Connection Is A Special Thing, And For Some People, Literally Reaching Out And Physically Touching Them Can Be Incredibly Cathartic And The Best Way In Which They Want To Receive Love. Physical Touch Doesn’t Exclusively Mean Being Intimate With Your Romantic Love Interest. It’s Important To Remember That Physical Touch Should Always Be Consensual.

5. Gift Giving

Gift Giving May Seem Expensive Or That It May Lack Longevity. However, Gift Giving Can Be As Simple As Bringing Someone Their Favourite Type Of Candy Or Picking Them Their Favourite Flower. The Best Part About Gift Giving Is That There Is No Strict Idea Of What A Gift Is. This Type Of Language Should Not Be Seen As Materialistic. It Says To People, “I Thought Of You And Got You This Thing!”

Ways To Surprise Your Significant Other This Valentine’s Season:

1. Words Of Affirmation: Send An Unexpected Note, Text, Or Card Shower Them With Compliments Encourage Them With Praise

2. Acts Of Service: Make Their Favourite Meal Help Out With Chores At Home Show Random Acts Of Kindness

3. Quality Time: Actively Listen To Their Stories Give Them Your Undivided Attention Put Your Cellphone Away

4. Physical Touch: Hug Your Partner Cuddle Up In Front Of The Television Be Close And Show Your Love

5. Gift Giving: Bigger Isn’t Always Better Give Uniquely Special Gifts Spend Time Choosing The Right Gift

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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