Next Live Round Starts: 2nd November 2022
Course Length: 4 Weeks Weekly Live Meeting

More about the Intro to Conscious Coding® Course

What can the program help you with?
What is included in the program?

What is Conscious Coding?

Conscious Coding® is a psychological trauma intervention modality that has been invented by Devon Golden for the lay person. It doesn’t require any prior studies or psychology knowledge. The philosophy of Conscious Coding® is based in the process of reality and expectation experiences, i.e. we experience trauma due to subconscious preparatory expectations that our body naturally creates. When we experience a reality experience that is at odds with our expectations, our body experiences a shock/freeze which greatly effects the nervous system. Conscious Coding® then uses tools that helps us return the nervous system to a neutral space so that we can operate more peacefully and in the present moment. 

Why is Conscious Coding important?

Conscious Coding® is a one of a kind and robust healing modality. It is one of the only transpersonal psychology modalities that access trauma without actually changing the memories or removing the trauma. Rather, Conscious Coding® helps you experience peace and neutrality towards those traumas so that you are stronger and more resilient. This prepares you for future difficult situations in a way that you can handle them with ease. 

Conscious Coding® is also the only tool out there that operates in the form of a philosophy. The more you practice the tools, the more the tools become subconsciously automatic which helps you process real-life situations in the moment. It’s a truly autonomous and powerful tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! This course is designed for the absolutely beginner. You will be guided through an assortment of basic knowledge and receive all the necessary support to begin practicing the tools taught in the class.

Once you have completed this course, you have two options:

  1. Fundamentals of Conscious Coding. This course teaches you all the tools needed to be a Conscious Coding® practitioner but doesn’t grant you practitioner licensing. You will need to complete the advanced course for that.
  2. Mentorship Program. This course is an all inclusive VIP process which takes you from beginner to practitioner in the fastest way possible.

Yes! This course has 2 accreditations:

  • International Institute of Complimentary Therapists
  • International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

Yep! You can watch the recording as much as you’d like. Better yet, you have access to future live sessions too!

The course is a 4-week journey with a weekly meeting. The entire process is live and in a private Facebook Group. This is perfect for asking questions and growing as fast as possible.

The course happens live in a private Facebook Group that you will gain access to after payment. You will also have access to The Conscious Code Academy portal where you can find all the content and assignments.

Happy Students

I joined the Conscious Coding training program, looking for other methods for healing trauma, and I am blown away by this program and the processes it uses. I had already been trained in other methods for healing trauma, and I really believe these processes work more deeply and effectively than others I have used (or had used on me). I see my clients experiencing more neutrality and faster integration using these methods. Devon is also a wonderful teacher! He is very clearly an expert at what he teaches, and beyond that, he is kind, patient, and very open to answering questions from his students. I love the fact that I can either join the class live or watch the videos afterward, in case I wasn't able to attend live, and I really do my best to join live because I get so much out of the time together. The class material has been fascinating so far - connecting all sorts of information I've never seen connected so well or in these ways (connecting the physical, psychological, emotional, and metaphysical all together in meaningful ways). I highly recommend this course and Devon to anyone looking to deepen their personal growth or their coaching expertise. Thanks, Devon!
Kinsey Kahlo
I am only a few weeks into the Conscious Coding Mentorship Program, and I am already blown away by what I’ve learned so far, and how much this is helping me work on myself. I did not know what to expect when I joined, but this method is mindblowing! I am discovering things about myself that I did not know or have ever thought about. I am working on healing issues that have been hidden away deeply and healing trauma. Choosing to take the Conscious Coding Mentorship program was a great decision, I am starting to understand myself better and feel more aligned and at peace!
Gina Richie

Are you ready to begin your healing journey?

The Introduction to Conscious Coding® Course is an amazing first step towards becoming a Conscious Coding® practitioner.