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About Devon

Personal Mentor

It is my hope to be the guide that you have been seeking. I wish to mentor and guide all those who come across my services and provide them with the necessary healing that will propell them into a more embodied self that seeks and achieves all that they dream and hope for. In a session with me, you can expect non-judgement reception, a space of love, and healing of the deepest parts of yourself. Experience through me, what I’ve taken a few years to develop.

My Story

How I Got Started

Energy has always been a natural phenomenon for me. From a young age, I had encounters with passed over loved ones others couldn’t see. With my upbringing in church came strong connections and communications with Jesus in a way the church didn’t teach. With all of these experiences and my strong desire to help others, I finally began taking training and courses in a multitude of fields so that I was well equipped and fully able to help those who seek my services. I began with animal communication, and I hope to share all I have learned through them with you!

What I Do

Intuitive Healing and Animal Communication

The majority of my sessions revolve around two main areas, energy work and animal communication. On the energy side I am able to intuitively help you to prepare and position the body in a state that offers intensive healing. This then extends into my work with animals and how I can help them. Please check out my services for more information or book a free discovery call.

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